Vinyl Countdown

This Sunday’s WJPA Vinyl Countdown rewinds the music to July 4, 1966, when Frank Sinatra, the Beatles and a song that first became popular in Pittsburgh battled it out for the number one position.

Also that week:

A prizefighter who went by the name Kid Chocolate switched to a career in music and delivered a knockout punch of five consecutive hits.

A song that reportedly was about President John F. Kennedy was instead about the singer’s brother – who also happened to die on the date of President Kennedy’s assassination.

Elvis Presley was back on the charts with a remake of a song that first became a hit for two female artists.

And the number one song was by a group who first became famous by touring in a hearse.

You’ll hear that song and all of the big hits of July 4, 1966 this Sunday at noon on WJPA.

The Vinyl Countdown is presented by Slovenian Savings and Loan.

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