Vinyl Countdown

This Sunday’s WJPA Vinyl Countdown rewinds the music to June 8, 1970 when the top hits were by the Jackson Five, Chicago and the Temptations and the Beatles releasedĀ its final single, “The Long And Winding Road.”

Also that week:

A Los Angeles group that named itself after a cartoon character on “Captain Kangaroo” recorded it’s first hit.

A classical music arranger took a piece of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony and turned it into a top 40 smash.

A band named Crow had a big hit in Western Pennsylvania with a song named after a popular side dish.

A family group whose mother thought they looked like a set of stairs when they lined up behind each other had its first big hit.

And the number one song on WJPA was an anti-drug song by Three Dog Night.

You’ll hear that hit and all of the big hits of June 8, 1970 this Sunday at noon on WJPA.







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