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December 16, 1968

WJPA remembers December 16, 1968 on this Sunday’s Vinyl Countdown.

That’s when:

  • Otis Redding, who had died two years earlier, ¬†was back on the radio with a remake of a James Brown standard.
  • Johnny Cymbal, who had a hit in 1963 with “Mr. Bass Man” bounced back into the top 10 with a new sound – and a new name.
  • Two former winners of the Miss Bronze California contest reunited and formed a group that became one of the best-selling acts of the decade.
  • An Ajax commercial was given partial credit for sealing the success of the Doors fourth album.

And the number one song on WJPA was Marvin Gaye’s quick remake of a Gladys Knight hit from just a few months earlier.

You’ll hear that hit and all of the big hits of December 16, 1968 this Sunday at noon on WJPA.

The Vinyl Countdown is presented by Guitar Gallery, Monongahela Valley Hospital and by Slovenian Savings and Loan.


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