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January 29 1963

This Sunday’s WJPA Vinyl Countdown flashes back to January 29, 1963 when:

  • A singer whose first name is slang for mosquito had the biggest hit of her career, a top five song on both the country and top 40 charts.
  • A song Paul Anka wrote called “Toot Sweet” and was eventually given to Annette Funicello to record, became the new theme for “The Tonight Show.”
  • The Four Seasons were about to have their third consecutive number one hit.
  •  A male quartet called The Supremes added a female vocalist, changed it’s name and released its first single – a song that would go all the way to number one.
  • And the number one song was a folk hit that was written by a poverty-stricken 79-year-old man who had almost frozen to death that winter – until he hocked his banjo for $20 worth of coal.

You’ll hear his hit and all of the big hits of January 29, 1963 this Sunday at noon on WJPA.

The Vinyl Countdown is presented by Canonsburg’s Guitar Gallery and Slovenian Savings and Loan.


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