Vinyl Countdown


This Sunday’s WJPA Vinyl Countdown replays the music of April 20, 1970, when the Beatles, Jackson Five and The Guess Who were in the top five and …

  • One of the three Canadian acts in the top 40 was Terry and Susan Jacks, who, as the Poppy Family, were headed to number one with “Which Way You Goin’ Billy?”

  • Melanie was about to have the biggest hit of her career with a song about the Woodstock Festival.

  • Neil Diamond, who had established his career with 17 top 40 hits, was in a bind after his record company balked at his new album, “Tap Root Manuscript,” because it was unimpressed with Neil’s world music concept.

  • A Florida bar band called Blues Image scored a national hit with “Ride Captain Ride” – but its lead guitarist and composer of the song had already left the group to join Iron Butterfly

  • And the number one song on WJPA was by a Hack-in-sack, New Jersey group called the Moments.

You’ll hear that hit and all of the hits of April 20, 1970 this Sunday at noon on WJPA. The Vinyl Countdown is presented by Canonsburg’s Guitar Gallery and Slovenian Savings and Loan.