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August 16, 1972

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This Sunday's WJPA Vinyl Countdown rolls back to August 16, 1972 when:

Rumors abounded that a super group of Jimi Hendrix, Keith Emerson, Greg Lake and Carl Palmer - nicknamed HELP - was secretly rehearsing -
but the group never materialized

Two Ohio bands - The OJays and the Raspberries - were about to have their first top 10 hits

The Jackson Five attempted to make it 11 consecutive top 10 singles with "Looking Through the Windows.."

The highest debut of the week was a real oddity for 1972 - an instrumental...and it was about food

And the number one song of the week was the first big hit for a Philadelphia folksinger

You'll hear that hit, and all of the big hits of August 16, 1972 this Sunday at noon on WJPA

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