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Pete’s Beat!

It’s Turkey Time!
Something I don’t really like to do is ask for money — But especially after the spring & summer we’ve had, we really do need your help with donations to the 2000 Turkeys Campaign. We’re going to try real hard to put a turkey on the table for every family here in Washington County.

Many people are still dealing with the coronavirus in one way or another, with job losses, contracting the disease —  the list goes on & on.

But We Need Your Help!
We’re asking everyone who can to please donate this year. Click here to visit our 2000 Turkeys Page. You can now use your credit card or even PayPal. Or mail a donation in any amount to: 2000 Turkeys. PO Box 2000, Washington, PA 15301.

Listen for donation updates with Pete and Canonsburg Mayor Dave Rhome as we draw closer to Thanksgiving.


Wear your masks! 
It’s the best barrier between you & getting the coronavirus! That & washing your hands often. Limit your exposure to any crowds. Go out only when you really need to.


Every morning Bruce & I will have updates on news, sports, the latest on the weather & of course; what’s going on with COVID-19.