Wednesday, July 17, 2024


Local News

Woman And Toddler Shot In Greene County

(WPXI) – A toddler and a woman were injured when shots were fired into their Greene County house over the weekend. Pennsylvania State Police in Waynesburg said troopers were called to Mountainview Gardens in Franklin Township just before 7 p.m. on July 13th. Approximately five rounds were shot into the house through the front door, police said. A 2-year-old was shot in the right thigh and a female was shot in the left eye. They were both taken to Ruby Memorial Hospital and have since been released. The suspect or suspects fled the scene in an unknown direction but unknown means, police said.

Guilty Verdict In Edmonds Murder Trial

The trial lasted five days but it took jurors just over one hour to decide the fate of Scott Edmonds, the North Strabane Township physical therapist who was accused of killing his 49 year old wife Louise Weis-Edmonds in March of 2014. The jury returned a guilty verdict of first degree murder to Edmonds along with a guilty verdict on a tampering with evidence charge. Edmonds had his bond immediately revoked and he was led from the courtroom in handcuffs. After a presentencing investigation is completed, Edmonds will be sentenced in 90 days. District Attorney Jason Walsh was pleased with the verdict. Edmonds and his attorney vowed to appeal the verdict. Louise Weis-Edmonds’ brother Martin and sister in law Elizabeth both thanked law enforcement and the jury for their efforts to bring closure to the more than 10 year old case.

North Strabane To Look At Fee Updates

North Strabane Township Supervisors will entertain a rather procedural agenda at their Legislative Meeting next week. On tap will be updates to the fee schedule. Fees across the board, construction, inspection and recreation fees will see some sort of an adjustment with some new fees to be introduced. Supervisors will also look to hire a new Director of Community Development. One item still under consideration is the rezoning of a lot at the corner of Curry and Morganza Roads from commercial to industrial to accommodate the construction of a personal warehouse. Planning and zoning officials are still struggling with the definition of a personal warehouse and which zone fits the development best. Supervisors will hold their Legislative Meeting on Tuesday July 23.

Butler Grapples With Trump Assassination Attempt

BUTLER, Pa. (AP) — A common refrain on the streets of Butler, Pennsylvania, in the wake of Saturday’s assassination attempt on Donald Trump was: “Of all the places.” The town is rural and neighborly. And it’s in Trump country. Residents expressed shock that an attempt would be made on his life in such a Trump stronghold. Butler County sits on the western edge of a presidential swing state. The Republican won there twice with about 66% of the vote, and about 57% of the county’s 139,000 registered voters are Republican. A local attorney likened it to the pope being shot in Vatican City.

Man Injured In Road Rage Shooting

PITTSBURGH — (WPXI) – Police are looking for the person who pulled the trigger after a man was shot in Downtown Pittsburgh Tuesday afternoon. According to police, he was hit twice in the arm and taken to the hospital in stable condition. The victim stopped his car near the corner of 4th Avenue and Smithfield Street just after 4 p.m. Police say the shooting likely happened about a block away on 3rd Avenue and Cherry Street but the whole ordeal began in the South Side as a road rage incident. “The victim vehicle was driving erratically from the Smithfield Street Bridge into town,” Police Chief Larry Scirotto said. “His aggressive driving may have prompted this gunfire exchange.”  Police are still looking for the shooter and a silver Dodge Charger. If you have any information that can help, you are asked to call them. The victim may also face charges for his role in the road rage incident that led to the shooting.

World News

Trump Shooter Remains An Elusive Enigma

BETHEL PARK, Pa. (AP) — Three days after the attempted assassination of Donald Trump, the 20-year-old man who came close to killing the former president remains an enigma. Neighbors describe Thomas Matthew Crooks as an intelligent loner with few friends who left a vanishingly thin social media footprint and no hint of strong political beliefs. Even his cellphone bore few clues after the FBI accessed its contents, frustrating investigators’ efforts to identify a potential motive. Classmates at Bethel Park High School said Crooks was smart but standoffish, often seen wearing headphones and preferring to sit alone at lunch looking at his phone.

JD Vance Set To Address Republican National Convention

MILWAUKEE (AP) — Donald Trump’s running mate JD Vance will introduce himself to a national audience as he addresses the Republican National Convention. The Ohio senator’s headlining address on Wednesday will be his first speech as the Republican vice-presidential nominee. He’s a relative political unknown who rapidly morphed in recent years from a severe critic to an aggressive defender of Trump. Vance is the first millennial to join a major-party ticket, and he joins the race as questions about the age of the men at the top of the tickets — 78-year-old Trump and 81-year-old President Joe Biden — have been high on the list of voters’ concerns.

Biden Says He Won’t ‘Stop Telling The Truth’ About Trump

LAS VEGAS (AP) — President Joe Biden has returned to the campaign trail for the first time since the attempted assassination of former President Donald Trump, continuing his call to calm the divisive rhetoric on both sides. But Biden also argued Tuesday that doing so “doesn’t mean we should stop telling the truth” as he tore into his Republican rival. Biden spoke at the NAACP convention in Las Vegas, aiming to showcase his administration’s support for Black voters who are a tentpole of the Democratic coalition. He’ll also participate in an interview with BET. It’s all counterprogramming to Trump and the Republican National Convention under way in Milwaukee.

Ukraine Facing Twin Challenges

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — After almost 30 months of war with Russia, Ukraine’s difficulties on the battlefield are mounting even as its vital support from the United States is increasingly at the mercy of changing political winds. A six-month delay in military assistance from the U.S., the biggest single contributor to Ukraine, opened the door for a push on the front line by the Kremlin’s forces. Ukrainian troops are now laboring to check the gains by Russia’s bigger and better-equipped army. The next two or three months will likely be the hardest this year for Ukraine, says Michael Kofman of the Carnegie Endowment. Lurking in the background is another nagging worry: How long will the Western political and military support critical for Ukraine’s fight endure?

Emmy Nominations Are Out

LOS ANGELES (AP) — “The Bear” has gone on a tear at Wednesday morning’s Emmy nominations with a comedy-series record 23, and “Shogun” led all nominees with 25 in a dominant year across categories for FX. “The Bear,” the FX show about a struggling chef and his ramshackle crew, could easily top the 13 nominations it got last year. Another FX show, “Shogun,” could be the favorite in the drama category, but Emmy veteran “The Crown” could also loom large. The nominations come just six months after the last Emmys, which were delayed by last year’s Hollywood strikes. The Emmys will air on ABC on Sept. 15.