Tune in for live news updates at the top & bottom of every hour, weekday mornings & afternoons, up until 6 pm. WJPA airs News updates during the midday hours at the top of every hour.

Since 1986, WJPA Radio has won numerous state wide awards from the Associated Press, Golden Quill & United Press International.

Some of our awards include:

  • Best Newscast
  • Best Local News
  • Best Sports Coverage
  • Best News Operation
  • Best News Documentary
  • Best Public Affairs
  • Best Sports Play-by-Play


WJPA Radio airs specialty programming shows that you’ll find nowhere else!

On 95.3 FM join long time Pittsburgh area disc-jockey Terry Hazlett for the “Vinyl Countdown“, Sundays beginning at noon. Terry will recapture the glory of the old AM Radio days with forgotten Top 40 Hits, stories from way back when & update the WJPA Powerline Survey!

Then it’s G-Whiz George from 6 pm to midnight with “Cruisin’ Sunday Night..” More forgotten Pittsburgh Classics and the “Parking Edition” at 11 pm!

Sunday Mornings on WJPA-AM (1450)

7:00 AM — “Info Trax” Current Events
9:00 AM — Legacy Church International
9:30 AM — Park Avenue Baptist Church
10:00 AM — “Reflective Moments” — William G. Neal Funeral Home
10:05 AM — Homecoming Radio
10:35 AM — Immaculate Conception Church (RC) Mass
11:30 AM — Church of The Covenant (PCUSA) Worship Service