Commissioners Award Hospitals Rescue Plan Act Funding

May 20, 2022 4:09 am

Washington County Commissioners recognized the hard work that county hospitals have put in during the Covid-19 pandemic during their meeting on Thursday. Brook Ward, President and CEO of Washington Health System and Lou Panza, President Penn Highlands Mon Valley Hospital were awarded money from the county that was made available from the federal American Rescue Plan Act. Washington Health System was awarded $4,088,556 and Penn Highlands Mon Valley received $1,990,117. Both Ward and Panza thanked the commissioners for the funds indicating that the monies will be well used to make up for losses accrued during the Covid-19 pandemic. Commissioner Chairwoman Diana Irey-Vaughn stated that the commissioners recognize the vital role that the health systems play in the county and were pleased that the ARPA funds were a method for the county to help.