MAD-FACTS Group Continues Their Push

September 28, 2023 4:56 am

The awareness group MAD-FACTS, Moms And Dads-Family Awareness of Cancer Threat Spike continued their monthly gatherings on Wednesday night. The group was formed to rally support to put pressure on lawmakers and health organizations to recognize the dangers of fracking activities and their relationship to the development of cancer and other health related difficulties. The Pennsylvania chapter of Physicians for Social Responsibility presented a slide show on Radioactivity and Health. The presentation centered on the Radioactive Emissions Study headed by Wayne State University and UPMC. The study focused on radiation emissions at sites that stretched from west to east across Pennsylvania testing air, water and soil for radiation. What was found was that radiation levels were rather consistent across all test sites. Those radiation levels were well above medically acceptable levels for exposure but well within legal limits set by regulators. Tammy Murphy is the Advocacy Director for PSR, her feeling is that more study is needed for low, slow exposure to radiation. It could be possible that that exposure is worst of all because a body is never away from the source of radiation and never has a chance to recover. She also stated that governmental regulatory agencies that one would think would be involved for protection are not there. The EPA, NRC, OSHA and others are not permitted to act against the fracking industry as defined by the “Haliburton Loophole”. Murphy stated that “it is incredible that this lack of protection is even happening in our society.” MAD-FACTS will meet again on October 26.